Head and Shoulders
Above the Rest

Hi, my name is Jamie. I'm passionate about developing projects that stand out from the crowd.


"It was a pleasure working with Jamie to launch our new website. He met with us to determine our goals and delivered a website that exceeded our expectations. He also provided helpful training through the hand-off process and beyond. Working with Jamie was a great experience and I would not hesitate to work with him again."
John Dube - Manager -
Rainbow Ridge Golf Course

Website that I created that uses flashcards to help people learn JavaScript


Final project for Vue course building an app using Vue, vue-router, vuex and Firebase

Hacktoberfest 2019

Multiple Open Source contributions including Vue Community and Opendrinks.io

#open source#git#documentation

Projects that I completed as part of the FCC Responsive Web Design Certification

About Me:
I'm a Front End Developer from Manitoulin Island - Ontario, Canada. I love working with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS and I am excited to use the tools and technologies in the Vue ecosytem to develop projects that stand head and shoulders above the rest.
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