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Hi, my name is Jamie. I'm passionate about developing projects that stand out from the crowd.


"Jamie's dedication and mind-blowing application building are nothing short of impressive. If you want your customers to be impressed, you should ask for Jamie's help with building something amazing! I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to gain customers and convert existing ones."
Topher Knoll - Founder -
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Open Source project I created that aims to help people learn JavaScript and front end development. You can click to see the site or head to my blog to check out the article series.


Photography blog page developed to exact specifications of provided design. Included is a modal with an email sign up that uses JavaScript for the email validation.


A clone of the Laracasts assets page. This app was developed using Vue.js and Laravel 7 and styled using Tailwind CSS.


Final project for Vue course. Stock trader app that allows you to buy and sell stocks. You also have the ability to both save and load your stock portfolio.


"It was a pleasure working with Jamie to launch our new website. He met with us to determine our goals and delivered a website that exceeded our expectations. He also provided helpful training through the hand-off process and beyond. Working with Jamie was a great experience and I would not hesitate to work with him again."
John Dube - Manager -
Rainbow Ridge Golf Course
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About Me:
I'm a Front End Developer from Manitoulin Island - Ontario, Canada. I love working with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS and I am excited to use the tools and technologies in the Vue ecosytem to develop projects that stand out from the crowd.
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